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This community is for both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and non-members. It is a place where both can come and have open and honest discussions about "Mormon" culture. A place where questions can be freely asked and (hopefully) answered.

About Joining:
Anyone can join. Open registration!
When you join, feel free to let everyone get to know you by answering these simple questions.
Location: (Optional)
Marital Status:
Church Membership Status: (If applicable)
Calling: (If applicable)
Favorite Hymn:
Favorite Scripture:
How did you find us?:

Now, on to the serious stuff. The rules.
1. Posting is unmoderated. This means that we trust you to act like adults and use common sense when posting. Hopefully, we won't have to change this.
2. This is a drama free community. If you're looking for a drama, go watch Days of Our Lives.
3. No profanity! None. Zero. Nada. We don't care what you say in your personal journal, but profanity is NOT allowed in here.
4. Let's try to keep the posts somewhat on topic. This probably isn't the best place to discuss the latest football scores.
5. Have fun! This is probably the most important rule here. If it isn't fun, then why be here?

Any questions or comments? Feel free to contact me, j0idvivr
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